The homeless dog was in fear,so it did not let people to be near her after the experience…

This cute husky felt that school was exactly the corner where she wouldn’t be offended…
The students have noticed her and even fed her .But no one could earn trust,so the husky ran away whenever someone approached her.

When the volunteers came to the pet,she rushed away.But soon seeing some food,she approached the place where the shelter staff was waiting for her.The trap was already ready,and the dog,which slowly collected scattered slices of food,lost its vigilance.

The dog started to break out.Finally,the husky got out of strength and sat down tiredly.
After a tiring day,volunteers brought a pet called Lilac to the shelter.
Soon it turned out that she was shot several times!This is why she was afraid of people and did not trust them.

But it all ended well!And then she was taken by a woman who started working with Lilac to teach her to trust people.
Five months have passed and the dog has completely changed!And then she was taken to the house of a girl whom our heroine was able to trust!

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