The homeless dog was running alone across the field and she was threatened with freezing with the onset of winter frosts.

A lonely dog lived in a huge field.She was very frightened and she was afraid to trust people.

Realizing that the help of professionals is needed there,residents of the surrounding areas asked volunteers to save the poor dog.But Loreta and her partner Eldad arrived,they knew that they would not be able to be «friends» with the dog so easily.
Volunteers decided that in this case the most effective method would be trap.


A few hours passed,and the hungry pet fell into «captivity».
The volunteers were happy that she wouldn’t have to winter outside,so they took her with them as soon as possible.

Soon Pinky,as the baby was called,began to trust people who wish her only good.
The most wonderful event happened at that time: a woman liked the dog so much that she decided to take her to her house!This means that the baby does not need to look for owners,because she is already loved and cared for!

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