The homeless puppy looked like he had given up until a kind woman helped him

This homeless puppy had apparently given up until a kind woman helped him and now he looks healthy and happy.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis always prioritizes the safety of animals, so when they received a call about a homeless puppy sleeping on the street in the middle of a terrible heat wave, they asked for photos before arriving to take any other measures to help the dog in a timely manner.

It only took rescue worker Donna Lochmann a few minutes to get to the right place. At first he could not find the dog, so he changed direction at the last moment and saw it. The exhausted dog was trying to cool off in an alley, but it seemed that he had given up.

As she got closer, the woman realized the seriousness of the hairy man’s condition and that she needed help immediately. Fortunately, Donna put the puppy in her car and drove him to the safety of the shelter. The staff acted quickly to make sure he was healthy and hydrated.

Donna was deeply touched when she saw the defenseless dog alone on the street, without energy or hope for the future, and she knew she had to intervene. For years, he worked tirelessly to help animals in need.

Fortunately, the downed dog had no trouble being rescued by Donna. He even arranged to walk to his vehicle without a leash.

When he got into the vehicle, the puppy felt at home. The adorable puppy, later nicknamed Curby, gladly accepted his «ride to freedom» until he was safe, according to the shelter.

Curby loves his host family and his doggie brother, who loves to cuddle up to him. Since his arrival, the canid has transformed physically and emotionally and has also become more playful.

Maintenant, le gentil petit chien va beaucoup mieux et est même à adapter. Si vous êtes intéressé à lui donner une maison pour toujours, contactez Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

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