The horse came to say good-by to its owner. Tears streamed from the animal’s eyes as he bent towards the casket.

There is no friend in the world more devoted than the one with whom you shared your love. The Brazilian Wagner Figueredo de Lima had an unusual pet. For many years, Sereno’s horse was his best friend.

They were inseparable and understood each other without words. Then tragedy struck. The man died in a car accident.

Wagner’s brother Vando understood that the horse meant a lot in the life of his deceased relative. It was he who brought Sereno to say goodbye to the owner. The horse approached the coffin and began to make strange sounds as if crying.

All the guests were shocked and surprised, everyone was touched by this sadness and sincere grief.

All the way to the cemetery, Sereno beat his hooves on the ground and cried, everyone saw his grief … When the grave was buried, the horse bowed his head, as if saying goodbye …

Wando took the faithful horse to him and swore an oath that he would do everything for the happiness of Sereno, in memory of his dead brother.

“Sereno was everything to him,” he told reporters with tears in his eyes. Here it is – true friendship, loyalty and devotion. Not even death can break these bonds!

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