The hostess hugged the dog,cried and apologized to her.The pet survived after a tornado destroyed the house.

The man opened the door of his house in Logan,Arkansas,to see what was going on the street.There was quiet and windless weather.Bruce immediately told Onn that there was no tornado,but fortunately,their neighbor,who still managed to watch the ad on TV to the end,told them to urgently hide in the shelter.

It’s very good that the spouses listened to her,because five minutes later their house was completely destroyed!
Husband and wife acted quickly.They helped their disabled neighbor move to a storm shelter,and then began to look for their four cats and two dogs.
Bruce was forced to hide in the shelter without two pets…It was impossible to delay!The man barely managed to slam the door into the shelter before the tornado hit the house.A few seconds later,the roof flew away,and the family’s belongings were scattered around.

The next day,the couple came to the ruins and began to inspect what was left of the house.By the way,they have already mourned their two pets,not expecting had time to inspect the house,the fluffy face of the Dana’s dog appeared from the wreckage,who joyfully rushed towards her owners!
Bruce’s wife grabbed the pet and hugged her tightly,apologizing to her in tears for having to leave her.And Dasha as if understanding every word,gently accepted the woman.

Before she and Bruce had time to rejoice at the dog’s return,a cat got out of the wreckage!Wet and trembling from the cold,Ladybug also run to meet the owners!
The tornado took away the house from the family,but their pets survived1

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