The incredible story of a dog named Leon.

Leon entered the hospital in critical condition:the paw was crushed,the eye was dead,the whole body was in wounds and bites…

This is a clear result of the tough and unexplained act of someone soulless and much stronger that the harmless Leon.The doctor was afraid for the treatment of the poor.The wounds were serious,and the pet was weakened.And let’s move on to the pleasant!Leon is fine now!

Yes,yes,this poor puppy turne out to be a strong dog.Leon is super kind and affectionate pet.It was very hard for him.But at the same time,he never showed his dissatisfaction,aggression,character or whims:he courageously tolerated the manipulation of doctors,and then he was also grateful to each of them.He rejoiced when meeting the doctors and cheerfully waved his fluffy tail.Leon knew that everyone was trying for his good.

Fortunately,everything is okay,but so far 50 percent.Leo has already undergone the most difficult operations,and his wounds are slowly beggining to heal.
Leon learns again without fear and embarrassment to lead the usual way of life of a pet,because he knows:he will go to the family very soon.There will definitely be plenty of people who want to support and love him.Leon is looking for a home!

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