The kitten fought for life and in this he was helped by a four-legged friend!

A few weeks ago,Cat Rescue 901 which is located in Australia came across a tiny kitten.The little kitten weighed only 71 grams and needed a mother who wasn’t around…

Fortunately,the baby was found in time by one of the volunteers of the shelter — a girl name Katerina.
The little kitty was called Flora.Katerina had experience working with such kittens,so she knew she could help.

At first,it was especially difficult,as it was only necessary to feed the baby from the syringe by the hour.
A few sleepless nights passed before the baby began to gain weight,and soon she had a friend who replaced her mother.A black cat named Sabrina came to the help of the orphan kitten.

Feeling that the kitten neede help,Sabrina began to take care of the baby.She licks Flora,warms and hugs her like her kid.
Every day Flora make progress and feels absolutely happy.Katerina and the wonderful Sabrina help her in this!

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