The kitten rescued from Hurricane Matthew received a tiny sock sweater and found his new home.

When a family came to the PetSmart shelter of the American city of Raleigh from North Carolina in search of a pet,they saw it.A kitten who was in great need of tenderness and warmth after everything he had to endure in just a few weeks of his life.

Father and children were just examining the cages with animals to choose something for themselves when a veterinarian approached them and said that they had a kitten who really needed a house.
Waiting for the kitten,the man asked a few questions to Sarah,he asked how to take care of kittens,as he has no experience in raising them.

After a while,as assistant veterinarian appeared,who brought a small striped miracle that was wrapped in a sock(he warmed the kitten),the family immediately fell in love with the baby.
The kitten was so soft and precious that this guy’s children really delighted her.
Then the man consulted with his wife,and after a while they already went to buy the most necessary things for the baby.

«I was so glad to see all this that I could not restrain myself and went with them»,Sarah shares her impressions.»They bought a huge and bizarre toilet for the cat,while everyone was unusually excited,and it seems to me that the kitten in the sock was really in good hands.»

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