The kitten survived after the typhoon…

In the fall of 2020,Blassie May Ayalde and her father decided to ride bicycles.There was a typhoon recently in the Philippines,and the area was badly damaged.What was the surprise of the girl when she saw a gray face looking out of the mud cautiously.

It was a kitten.When the baby blinked,shocked Ayalde realized that he was alive.On closer inspection,it became clear that it was a girl.Most likely,during the flood,she fell under bamboo trees along with the rest of the garbage,and she managed to survive!

Ayalde couldn’t take the poet home the same day because there was nothing to take her in.But the next day she hurried to the very place where she first met the baby.
The pet was still there,but it looked very weak.She has almost no strength to fight for her life…
Ayalde hurried to take the kitten home.There she fed the kitty,and she was able to sleep peacefully,finally feeling safe.

The girl decided that he would keep the kitten to live with her.The funniest thing is that she already had a cat at home that looks exactly like a found pet!Now the whole family often confuses the kitties.
A long and happy life awaits the kitten in a loving family!Thanks to the girl for saving a little life.

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