The kittens were abandoned by their mother,and caring people came to the rescue!



Two small kittens were crying outside a warehouse in North Bergen,New Jersey.
The employees of the same warehouse were feeding a homeless pregnant cat,so they immediately realize that the mother had simply abandoned her babies.
At first,the women thought that mama cat would return for the children,but they were mistaken.Then they asked for help from a girl named Atina,who is engaged in saving animals.



Atina and her assistants began to intensively feed the cats so that they would gain weight and strengthen their immunity.A little later,people bathed kittens.After the kittens were bathed,they got much better.The kittens were named Menos and Oso.



Now the kittens are comfortable with each other.The tiny fluffies finally felt happy!
Grow big and healthy,kids!

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