The kittens were gray while huddled in the barn and gradually turned black after adoption

One day, a Virginia homeowner opened the door to her barn and was surprised to find kittens inside. Each of the kittens found had an unusual color with a surprise.

Their childhood began in a corner of a barn behind a private house. The homeowner brought the babies to the shelter, where the staff noticed signs of a slowdown in coat pigmentation.

This unusual phenomenon occurs when a pregnant cat is under severe stress or has a high fever for a long time. Kittens born in such conditions do not immediately show their true color. In our little heroes, the fur at first had a thick gray tint.

The four little ones looked healthy. Veterinary control staff went to the scene and set up a humane trap, hoping to reunite the stray cat with her babies.

And they caught her the very same day. The furry mommy had a cold and seemed to be very wild.

The first night visiting people turned out to be a difficult test for the cat family, because the cat mother was not used to being within four walls.

A few days later, she calmed down a little and agreed to settle in the allotted cell. “I think she finally realized that she was destined to rest in warmth and care, and resigned herself to fate,” the woman adds.

As the days passed, the kittens became more active and became more and more attached to Debbie. They ran out to meet her as they heard her approaching.

Their hair has already darkened noticeably compared to the first week – some more, some less.

In just a few weeks, the gray brothers and sisters have become black panthers in miniature!

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