The kittens were orphaned,the dog had milk and she started feeding the kittens.

The kittens were very tiny and hadn’t even opened their eyes when their mother was gone.Tiny kittens had little chance of squeeze out,but fate was favorable to them,because the dog Aira came to their rescue.The puppies of Aira were recently placed in new families.But the mother-dog still had milk,which was so necesaary for kittens.
Aira immediately accepted the babies,she not only fed them,but also washed,warmed,behaved with them like a real mother.

The kittens fell in love with their unusual mother very much,they didn’t step away from her,having fun playing near the dog and getting ready to warm up under her side on cool evenings.
While the kittens are stil growing up,Aira takes care of them,but soon they will become independent and find new families.

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