The lion cub played and bit his father by the tail. The father wanted to teach his son manners, but then the lioness intervened.

Animals, in addition to being very beautiful, are also incredibly funny creatures. And often, watching them, you can see that they really are no different from us — people.

The photos that you will see in this post will prove this to you. This lion cub is as carefree as all small children. At the same time, dad is incredibly strict and acts as the head of the family. But the lioness mother, who will always stand up for her baby, appears unexpectedly bold and it’s still in question, who is actually the head of the family.

So, these photos were taken at the Washington Zoo. The lion family showed a real human demeanor in front of the cameras. Normal, standard situation in a human family.

What happened there? Take a look at these photos. They will be more eloquent than a thousand words.

The little lion cub was clearly in a playful mood. He crept up behind his father and lightly bit the head of the family on the tail.

True, dad was clearly not in the mood for the game. So he decided to teach the child a lesson so that he would know what good manners are. But could he? The lioness mother appeared on the horizon just in time.

Like any mother, she immediately came to protect her child. Father didn’t like it! Well, as for the child … He felt great — as if nothing had happened. It’s good to have a mom which will always caress and protect! Even from the strict dad!

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