The lioness was exploited,and then she fell ill.Suddenly a friend appeared in her life.

Meet Sheila,a beautiful lioness with amazing hair color and radiant eyes.For a long time,all people admired her beautiful appearance,and she was popular…

Photos were taken with her,she was constantly surrounded by crowds of people,and the owner tried to make money on her.Soon poor Sheila began to be exploited in the entertainment industry…
Not surprisingly,at that time the lioness weakened and began to show the signs of illness.She was taken from the owner and sent to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.

Fortunately,the vet took tests from the lioness and soon found that she had toxoplasmosis.Parasites in the body of this large cat prevented her from living normally!And then it was decided to start treatment…
Soon Sheila recovered,but still something was wrong.She was dying of melancholy and loneliness,and the organization’s employees didn’t know how to help her.
And then they remembered a lion named Kahn.He also lived here and was also alone.

By the way,it was the same lion from whom Sheila was taken away at one time!
The employees decided to introduce these two,and the plan was successful.Very little time passed,and the lions became good friends!They were even transplanted into one cage to make the animals more fun.

Now they are happy,especially Sheila,who instantly cheered up.

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