The little Bubba puppy showed his gratitude to the policeman who saved his life in a comforting way

It is the responsibility of all police officers to serve and protect not only people, but also animals. There are many examples of brave officers risking their own lives to save our adorable pets or wildlife in need.

And, there are many heartbreaking examples of gratitude on the part of these living creatures, whose lives were saved by our policemen.

This time, it’s a comforting scene of a nice little dog who finds his savior, Officer Laurich. When police officers raided a house in California, they suddenly noticed a small frightened puppy.

It was obvious that the poor dog’s humans treated him very badly. So the officers rushed to help. One of the officers saved the frightened dog’s life and took him to the shelter.

It was Officer Laurich, who adored the little creature at first sight. Although they have known each other for a very short time, a special bond has formed between Officer Laurich and the rescued dog Bubba.

A few months later, after their first meeting, the kind-hearted officer visited her boyfriend. Bubba’s reaction was amazing. As soon as he saw his savior, he jumped for joy and rushed to his brave hero.

This scene was so sweet and heartbreaking: what an emotional meeting it was. They really enjoyed their time together. Fortunately, the little dog looked not only very happy and cheerful, but also healthy thanks to the efforts of the shelter staff.

Now he was up for adoption and apparently the first man who could be Bubba’s adoptive parent will be Officer Laurich.

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