The little dog burst into tears when he met the cow that raised him…

Animals can be an example of good friendship for us,and between the most unexpected species.They love and empathize in a way that we human never even dreamed of,and sometimes friendship them a lot.

Noticing that their dog spends a lot of time with a cow,this family did not focus on it.However,they had no idea how close and strong their connection was.
When the dog was still a puppy,he was adopted by this family.The family cow took on the role of a mother for a tiny puppy,despite the fact that his people loved him.Accepted by a cow who raised it as her own.Therefore,it is not surprising that the dog was very worried when he learned that the cow was loaded into a truck and sent for sale.

When he realized that his best friend had left,the sad dog could not hold back tears,howled and sobbed.He even chased the truck for a long time,ignoring the owner’s appeals,and in the end the man caught up with him and returned him.Nevertheless,the pet was so drooped that he lay all day long and even refused to eat.He was completely confused by what happened.

Then,when the dog disappeared and returned only a week later,the owner realized that something needed to be done,so he tried to comfort the puppy in all possible ways,but everything was in vain.Only one thing could return this tiny puppy to a sense of his best friend.The next morning,the man returned the cow,because all he wanted to do was make his pet happy,and decided to settle financial issues in a different way than selling the animal.

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