The long-awaited reunion: after disappearing for 7 months, the owners found their dog

«We finally found a dog who had been missing for almost 7 months in a shelter in New Jersey, and we were very happy.»

Its owners had to open a foundation because the poor dog was injured and needed expensive care.

After a seven-month separation and traveling nearly 130 kilometers, the injured dog is finally found by its owners.

Afterwards, Newsweek writes that it was a very sensitive moment.

The dog’s name is Teddy, and its bad luck began in California. Its former owner abandoned it when it was injured and took it to a shelter in Los Angeles.

After surgery, the dog was offered for adoption. But the owner did not show up. Thus, things became dangerous for the dog because it could have been euthanized.

But luckily, when Washington resident Salvador Della Monica heard the poor dog’s story, he decided to adopt it in May 2021. A new life began for Teddy. But it wasn’t the end.

After that, the dog disappeared on a routine trip. Its search went on for seven long months. Finally it was found at a shelter in New Jersey. The dog was injured, but alive and well.

On January 23, 2022, Buddha Dog Rescue and Recavory published on their Facebook page a video and photos of this touching moment of reunion.

The dog’s owners opened a wallet to raise the funds needed to care for the dog.

Fortunately, donations were not too late. The $10,000 money needed was raised quickly.

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