The lost shepherd reunited with the owner and could not hold back tears of joy…

It’s very difficult to lose friends,whether it’s a person or a favorite pet.And the hero of this story faced this bitter and sad incident in his life,experiencing the full burden of losing a friend.He was looking for his German Shepherd all tear long and was already close to despair.

The man did everything possible to find his favorite shepherd.And later it turned out that the animal wandered the streets for some time,then the volunteers noticed it and took her to the shelter.To great joy,they did not immediately transfer the dog to overexposure,and firs placed an announcement about the search for its owners,suggesting that the dog may have disappeared.

The man noticed him and immediately hurried to the shelter.The meeting showed that the Shepherd yearned and missed the owner no less than he did.As soon as he heard his footsteps and voice,the dog rushed into his arms.
And the reunion of the missing Shepherd and its owner was so touching that it was difficult to hold back tears.She hovered around her beloved owner and whine endlessly,then she jumped and did not stop wagging her tail,and the animal’s eyes,as the shelter staff noted,were filled with tears.

It’s amazing to see the attachment of dogs to their owners and we are glad that many of them realize how dogs are faithful and loyal to them and the feeling is quite mutual.

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