The man found a small kitten in the grass,but later it turned out that the baby is not a cat at all!

Last month,an unusual story happened to a young Canadian from Quebec named Matthew Patry:a man found a gray kitten in the grass.What was his surprise when he pulled a kitten out of the grass!
But his look was strange:the baby clearly resembled some other animal!

Deciding that the mother of the «kitten» is somewhere nearby,he put the baby in the place where he took him.
The next day,Matthew came to the same place to find out how the little animal is doing.To his great amazement,the baby was in the same place,only now he screamed desperately.

This time the man just took a tiny predator to his house.Then he called the wildlife care center at the local zoo.A few hours later,the baby went to the center,where people took care of the forest finder.
The people decided that they would help the baby get stronger,and then let him go to the wild environment.

Well,we are glad that thanks to this man, the baby lynx has been saved,and he will no longer have to starve!

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