The man went fishing and found a shepherd puppy in the pond.

Our friend is a fisherman with many years of experience.Almost every weekend you can see him with a fishing rod on the pond.

On another visit to the pond,he noticed a dog in the water.The puppy stood in the water and didn’t move.The man pulled the puppy out of the water,he only moved his tail and that’s all.
Soon the dog was carefully placed in the car,and the man went in search of the nearest veterinarian.

According to doctors,the dog was about six months old,but in size it looked more like a three-month-old puppy.They told that the owners of the puppy simply stopped feeding him and kicked out of the house.
The baby was named Harry.For a week,doctors stabilized the dog’s condition by injecting him with medicines intravenously.It took a lot of time for a full examination.

Gradually,Harry began to recover,a week later he was even able to stand on his paws.Doctors do not promise complete healing,but with proper care Harry will be able to live a full life.I hope that this will happen as soon as possible.

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