The mongrel twice came to the girl’s door for help,feeling that she would help her.

A homeless puppy girl appeared in the village.The baby was lucky — the employees of the local boiler house,and they began to feed her regulary.The rest of the time the grown dog ran around the village and played with the children.

Soon she began to come to warm up at the entrance of the house,where a girl named Julia Mikhailova,who was not indifferent to animals,lived.The dog sat down by the window,locked at the street and sometimes described what was happening behind the glass with a short barking.

Locals called the pet Alice and even sterilized it.
For several years,the dog ran around the village,quite satisfied with his life.But one day she was badly bitten by homeless dogs.Most likely,they were not local animals,because «their»  never offended Alice.

For help the baby came straight to the door to Julia’s apartment.The girl took the poor dog to the vet,and then tool her home to cure her.When Alice recovered,she went outside again.Two months later,trouble happened to her again: the baby badly injured her paw.And for help,she came to Julia’s door again!

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