The most faithful Mastiff rejected to leave his beloved friend alone, when he was in punishment

Timing out may be the worst punishment for children. It even may affect the whole future of somebody.

Yet, there is no other kind of punishment, which can be overcome easier.

But, imagine, in this time it can save a naughty kid, especially, when a best friend is here to help.

Once, this 3-year-old naughty boy, named Peyton, was fighting with his sibling.

His mother, Jillian Smith, offered to choose either to enclose himself in the room, or to stand in a corner as a time-out, to think and accept his fault.

He preferred the second one.

But his giant English Mastiff was so smart and kind, that he could not stay indifferent.

He came and sat next to his friend, supporting with a bunch of emotions to overcome Peyton’s hardship together.

They were soulmates, and if one of them was punished, both of them suffer and tried to find solutions.

This giant dog was about twice as big as Peyton, but his heart was much bigger.

The situation was so cute and touching, that even Peyton’s mom could not blame that lovely and innocent creatures anymore.

She stated the whole occasion quite funny!

Smith captured the touching moment, when Mastiff was sat next to him disappointed, and shared the photo on social media.

Soon, they got thousands of fans, who just admired those lovely friends.

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