The mother was away from home for a week. When he returned home, he saw that everything in his house had changed and was unrecognizable

There are moments in life that prove to you whether the person you live with is really worth staying with. Ask Kate, a mother of three, who felt this moment after returning from a weekend of work in another city… and seeing what her husband was doing during this period.

When Kate, a mother of three, left for the weekend, her husband had other plans than to lie on the couch all day. Instead, he decided to welcome her with a large-scale surprise – one related to the bedroom.

While his wife was away, Miles decided it would be a good idea to give their room a general makeover.

He started by removing the old carpet. After putting the children to bed each night, he took the paint cans. Spending a whole night painting the room, he gave a new life to the room. Once the walls were ready, it was time to install the new floor. Miles did everything himself and also took care of three children on his own.

What a father! And then it’s time to put the furniture. He even got the help of the children in the last part! So all he had to do was wait for Kate. She didn’t understand how Miles had managed to do all this!

She was only gone for the weekend, but that was all the time Miles needed to prove what a wonderful husband he was. And once the makeover is over, we have to admit that it really is an amazing show.

If you want to see the whole renovation, watch the video below: what an amazing job, and he did it in one weekend! Applause from us.

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