The mover fed the stray dog his lunch,and the same evening the dog thanked him.

In one of the major cities there was a large construction supermarket.A loader named Gena worked in it.The guy was god-natured and hardworking.He constantly fed street animals.A young man named Kirill worked with Gena.He was the exact opposite of Gena.Kirill didn’t like animals and was a lazy man.

Once they were busy shipping a large order together to one of the wholesale bases.During the work,an exhausted dirty dog approached them.He started watching young people.Kirill drove away the poor dog with irritation.Dog got scared of the evil man and ran away.

When lunchtime came,Kirill went to the store,and Gena stayed for a snack.At that moment,a hungry dog approached him and began to look at the guy with pitiful eyes.Gena stroked the dog and gave him half of his portion.The dog happily ate and ran away joyfully.
After work,Gena walked home.The guy walked carefully,but still did not keep his balance and fell.

All this time,Gena was followed by the dog he fed.
When the dog saw him,he fell over his head and began to lick him.This picture was noticed by passers-by,the guy was helped.
In the hospital they told Gena that if it hadn’t been for the dog,he might no longer have been alive.The guy was surprised how grateful an animal could be.

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