The newborn puppy froze in the snow.Still,he had the strength to squeak,and a good family heard him.

The past of this charming puppy is still a mystery.Immediately after its birth,the poor puppy appeared on the street.

Fortunately,the baby who turned out to be a girl ,who was born under a lucky star.The same evening that the baby got outside,on November 17,she was rescued.
A kind family accidentally passed by the pet.They heard her, and of course,couldn’t pass by.

The ice puppy was picked up and hurried home.People immediately wrote to a familiar veterinarian,who advised how to feed the baby.The baby was warmed and fed,rejoicing that she survived,and now she sleeps with her nose in a warm blanket.
Dogs,who live in a family,were a little confused at the sight of a tiny girlfriend,but soon began to get used to her.

The warmest place in the house is the box in which the puppy sleeps!The only problem of the new owners of the animal was the choice of a nickname for the pet,but this issue will soon be resolved.
So a newborn puppy found a family on the first day of his life!

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