«The noble pink kitten was offered to me by a beautiful stranger…»That’s how Hopa appeared — a cat who didn’t have…slit eyes!

Hopa ended up with me by accident.A woman came up on the street and told me that she had picked up a cat.The woman’s name is Tanya,she is a very beautiful woman.There are people on whom all destitute animals stick directly,Tatiana is one of them.

I didn’t plan to have such a cat at al.I dreamed of a black cat.I even chose the name — Mimi.From Kaori Ekuni’s novel «You shine,Night Star.»
Tatyana found him in the trash.He was alone,without his mother,blind.No eye incision!He would have died 100% with such a defect.The woman took,cured and transformed Hopa.
Hopa adapted immediately.He’s a cheerful cat.Very gentle,likes to sleep with me under the blanket.

Now he grew up.You can see that it will be fluffy cat with tassels on his eyes.And his color is not red,but noble pink.)))
I haven’t thought about the name for a long time.Just at that time,I was moving to a new apartment and hoping for a change.I wanted to do the best.So it turned out to be «Hope».

That’s how I got a black kitten!

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