The one-eyed cat returned to the mistress after 11 years of absence.

Diane Grieg took the kitten in 2001 and named it Misty.And in 2005,for medical reasons,the cat had to undergo surgery and remove one eye.It is not known whether this was the main cause of his disappearance,but soon after the operation Misty disappeared.

All these years,Diane believed that no matter what her pet would still be found.That’s what happened:Misty came by himself after 11 tears of absence.
Most recently,the woman was suddenly called from the veterinary service,which is located in the city of Kitley,which is 40 kilometers from the British woman’s house.

According to the employees of the institution,the cat was found near one of the city cafes.Thanks to scanning the pet’s microchip,it was possible to find out information about its owner and the address of her residence.

«When I first saw him,I burst into tears.We never managed to find out where he was all this time,»Grieg said.

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