The only brown panda in the world lives in Shanxi!

Why do we love pandas?Because they are so slow,clumsy and black and white.With slowness and clumsiness,this male panda has no problems.but the color…By the will of fate,he turned out to be the only white-brown panda in the world.But is this a reason to love him less than others?No,its peculiarity makes it even sweeter.
Kizai(panda’s name) had a difficult childhood.His mother refused him,he was treated by his peers…But,nevertheless,he grew into a charming bear,a real superstar of the animal world.Kizai,who is already seven years old,is the only living panda of white and brown color.

Kizai spent is childhood on a wildlife reservation in Shanxi.But two years ago he was brought to Fo Ping Panda Park in Shanxi Province.The name of the panda means «seventh son» in Chinese.That’s what the caretaker called him — 26-year-old Hee Shin.He has been taking care of the panda every day for two years.
He gets up at six in the morning to feed Kizai with bamboo,and goes to bed at midnight,making sure that the panda is sleeping peacefully.

«He is slower then other pandas,but also prettier,»says Hee Shin.In his opinion,Kizai is a «polite,funny and charming» animal.
When Kizai became an adult,he was moved to a separate enclosure.It is fed 4-5 times a day with a wide variety of food — bamboo,milk and Chinese buns.Today,the famous bear weighs about 100 kilograms,which is the norm for a seven-year-old panda,and eats about 20 kilos of bamboo every day.
According to Hee Shin.Kizai’s wife should be expected by next year.»When a panda turns seven,they always start selecting a marriage partner for her.»

Hee Shin considers Kizai’s brown color to be the result of a mutation.»Shanxi pandas have lighter fur than Sichuan pandas»,he says.»Sometimes their fur is painted brown around their stomach.But Kizai is the brownest panda of them.»
Today,it is estimated that 1,864 pandas live in the world.They live mainly in bamboo forests in the mountains in southwestern China,mainly i Sichuan province.Another place of their habitat is in Shanxi Province,where Kizai comes from.

The giant panda is now stated in the Red Book not as «disappearing»,but only as «threatened!»This means that the number of pandas in the wild had increased significantly.
Since 1985,white-brown pandas have been observed in nature only five times.

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