The owner agreed to follow the dog into the forest after he began to bark persistently and call him somewhere

Jerzy had a dog named Diego. They lived together in the town of Karpacz and walked along the forest edge every day. Usually, it was calm, even boring, no events happened. But not this day …

The terrier behaved restlessly from the very beginning of the walk, all the time trying to drag the owner into the forest thicket. And at first, Jerzy did not understand what the dog wanted.

And he with all his might and with iron stubbornness continued his attempts. In the end, Jerzy spat and gave up, letting the dog drag him in someone’s footsteps until Diego stopped in front of an old abandoned place.

Jerzy looked closely into the depth of the hole, and finally, in the half-darkness of the pit, he saw an extremely emaciated dog. She was alive but completely exhausted. And then the owner Diego called a group of rescuers.

The animal pulled out of the pit was taken to the veterinarians, and there, in the clinic, it turned out that his owners had been looking for this Labrador named Gucho for about a month!

As it turned out later, Gucho just ran through the forest and fell into the well through the half-rotted old grating. So Jerzy and Diego found him in time – after a few hours, it would have been too late to save the dog.

And it was so incomprehensible how the dog could survive without food for 32 days!

Veterinarians, however, claim that the Labrador is recovering quickly and will soon return to the owners, who are planning to send Gucho for a walk with his savior Diego – with whom he is simply obliged to find a common language now!

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