The owner decided to wash her dog’s toy and the pet made a real tragedy

Pets have a special attitude to all kinds of home appliances. After all, it makes noise and does something completely unimaginable! In this case, animals may even have real hysteria.

After all, they cannot understand – why do people do this?

And a great example of this is the behavior of a charming Labrador named Hugo. The dog almost never paid attention to special toys. And for this reason, his owner, Ursula Aitchison, did not have the desire and need to buy him something.

One day she came to a pet store for dog food. There, Hugo became genuinely interested in live rabbits. Ursula, of course, could not buy him the animal.

And for this reason, she decided to purchase his toy replacement, which even received the name – Mr. Bunny.

The Labrador liked his new and only toy so much that he literally did not let go of it. And, of course, the bunny quickly became dirty, wet and not at all attractive. But Hugo was still madly in love with his new friend.

And once Ursula had already thought that it would be nice to wash her pet’s new toy. She just took Mr. Bunny and threw him in the washing machine. But, obviously, the Labrador did not think at all that its owner was doing something good.

At the same moment, he arranged a real tragedy near the same washing machine. He tried to save his close friend from a terrible technique. And, of course, in this case, it was absolutely impossible to do without the dog’s emotions.

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