The owner put the dog out of the car in the middle of the road.

In Guangdong Province,China,drivers filmed a man throwing a white dog straight out of the car.Once on a busy road,the dog did not understand why this was done to her — and desperately scraped the car door.When the driver continued to move and did not let her back,the poor thing looked around in fright.

When the driver drove further,one of the employees of the local restaurant,which was nearby,noticed the dog.She rushed back and forth in search of the owner.He immediately decided to help her:

«There were a lot of cars,and this dog ran back and forth,trying to find its owner.So that she wouldn’t get hurt,I decided to save her,»said a restaurant employee named Feng.

After the rescue,the man handed over the dog to his friends who take care of the animals.Now the dog is completely safe and it is recovering.

Footage of the incident spread around the internet,and millions of people learned about this story — the behavior of the irresponsible owner outraged many.

Now the local police are dealing with the incident and trying to find the owner.Unfortunately,his face did not get on the footage,but millions if interested hope that he will still be found and prosecuted for such treatment of the animal.

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