The owners are already used to the fact that their cat,entering the room,proudly drags a teddy pig with him.

Diego os a special cat who has his own oddities and habits.The baby has healthy problems,because of which he is slightly smaller than other pets of his age.

It all started a few years ago,when one of the family memebers gave Diego a nice teddy pig.The cat liked the pig so much than since then he has become literally obsessed with it.And he refused to let him out of sight.

The cat spends all his time with the pig.The baby plays with him,sleeps next to him and eat with him.Even for an oppointment with a veterinarian,Diego takes his favorite pig with him.
The owners of the pet are already accustomed to the fact that the cat always appears in the room,proudly carrying a toy in his teeth.That’s how it happened!

No one can solve the reason for such love and affection for pig.However,what’s the difference if a pig is the most important thing in the world for the beloved cat?

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