The owners left kittens in the cold on the street near the fence and left.

The volunteer went outside to walk his dog.She saw a few people.They had a box or a carrier in their hands.

The volunteer had already walked the dog,and these people were still standing.She decided to watch them.Then these comrades put the box at the gate,and they left.
The volunteer shouted to them for a long time,but did not get the opposite response.They didn’t even turn around.Then the girl approached the gate and looked into the box,pushing away the thin fabric with which it was covered.There were three newborn kittens inside.They only recently opened their eyes,still very tiny.

It turned out that the kittens are so small that they can’t even eat on their own.Often such babies die as a result of various diseases.
Kittens were provided with everything necessary and then were sent for overexposure.Fortunately one of the volunteers agreed to pull out the crumbs.There were no nurse cats for them…

After 1,5 weeks crumbs began to walk on the tray.After a while,they were already eating on their own.Then they were taken to their families.
There is only one cat nicknamed Shurik.He was very lonely.He was looking for brothers and sisters,crying and sad.Soon Shurik was also found owners.

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