The owners moved to a new house,and the dog was left to live in the mud on the street…

Dogs are known for their devotion and loyalty,they protect people that love to the last,but this attitude is not always rewarded with love and care on the part of a person.Often pets who had a house yesterday and loving people,meet a new day on the street,realizing that no one else needs them.

That’s what happened to Larry.At his age,he appeared on the street,because moving to a new house,hi owners did not want to take him with them.Larry ended up on the street and only caring people who fed him helped him survive.
The food deliveryman noticed Larry a long time ago and decided to take his photo and start a dog’s page on the social media.It was thanks to this page that Sasha Abelson,the head of one of the animal assistance projects,learned about Larry.

Thanks to volunteers,Larry moved to Los Angeles,where he was examined by a veterinarian.The dog had a lot of health problems,so he was prescribed treatment.
For several months,volunteers and veterinarian fought dog diseases and they managed to achieve excellent results.When the dog’s condition stabilized,he began to look for new owners.

Larry needs constant treatment,and it will be necessary all his life.Medicines for the dog cost $180 per month,so the search for new owners has not yet yielded any results.

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