The owners were sure that their cat disliked their newborn daughter until they found out what he was doing at night.

A cat named Sun spent almost half his life in an orphanage waiting for his family.When the cat’s hope of finding a home almost disappeared,he was suddenly sheltered by kind people.The pet was beside himself with happiness and quickly got used to a new place.

Five years age,the cat found a house when he was about eight years old.The mistress of Sun,Shannon,loves him,and her whole family is delighted with the amazingly smart pet.For a long time,Sun was absolutely satisfied with his life,but one day a new family member appeared in the house — a small child.
The girl,whom her parents named Hazel,did not make a proper impression on the animal at first.The cat sniffed the new girl,and then calmly went to the kitchen to eat his lunch.

Frankly speaking,the cat was not delighted with the appearance of the child.But in fact,everything wasn’t as it seemed at first!One day,the girl’s parents looked at the video from the camera installed next to the baby.They were shocked by what they saw.

One night,when the child had been put to bed for a long time,Sun sneaked into the child’s room.The cat jumped to the girl on the bed,curled up next to her and fell asleep sweetly.Not only was the pet not too lazy to climb up to the child,but also overslept next to the girl for almost four hours.After that,Sun came to bed with the owners.

So,it turns out,what’s the matter!Sun always liked the baby,he was just not ready to demonstrate his feelings.
When the secret of the cat was revealed,he often began to show love for Hazel.When the baby cries,he hurries to her to make sure that the child is all right.
Until recently,the owners of Sun did not even realize that their pet was such a good boy!

It seems that a strong friendship has started between the girl and Sun!

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