The passenger’s dog started giving birth at the airport terminal! The birth ceremony concluded with a great surprise.

A sensational event has recently taken place in Florida: right on the floor of the waiting room of a local airport, a Labrador service dog of one of the passengers gave birth to 8 puppies!

Service dogs are called upon to be with their owners around the clock, since the latter, as a rule, are disabled: hard of hearing, blind, psychologically unstable or non-walking people.

Therefore, a Labrador named Eleanor Ellie Rigby, despite her pregnancy, was next to her disabled owner when she got ready to fly.

The woman, along with her daughter and two dogs, was preparing to leave for Philadelphia on the next flight when something went wrong.

Eleanor’s kids thought it was not worth waiting for the end of the trip and decided to be born right at Tampa International Airport!

Of course, the dog was not abandoned at such a difficult moment – in addition to her owners, who postponed their flight, the Tampa Fire Rescue team of doctors helped the expectant mother.

A large crowd gathered around – all the passengers morally supported Eleanor and, one way or another were involved in the process of childbirth.

Eleanor gave birth to eight puppies. Yes, a little bright GIRL!

May all unexpected surprises end happily!

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