«The perfect babysitter for our baby,» — the owners of a huge pit bull trust their child to him.

Probably the largest pity bull in the world named Hulk,weighing more than 80 kilograms,loves to «work»…as a nanny.The owners of Hulk Marlon and Lisa Grennan from New Hampshire easily allow the dog to look after their three-month-old son Jackson.They claim that despite his size and formidable appearance,Hulk is a very kind and affectionate dog.

This is not the first time a couple has allowed Hulk t babysit their children:their eldest son,Jordan,grew up with Hulk and other American pit bull terriers who live in the family’s house.
Lisa,25 years old,said that she has no worries with Hulk.»Think,it’s a big deal!When we brought Jackson home,Hulk didn’t leave him.It sat next to me all the time.He watched me take care of the child and approached to check him when he started crying.Hulk is the perfect defender and nanny.He really loves him,you can see it in his eyes.»

Of course,Hulk’s bite is powerful enough to bite someone’s hand like toothpicks,but parents have no fear,they calmly trust the newborn Jackson to the pit bull.
«I would never have put Jackson on the floor an left him with the dogs if I hadn’t trusted them.And I really trust Hulk.He treats my children like his own,and he knows how to be gentle,» says Lisa.

«I let the dog lick me and the child,and I don’t think it’s not hygienic,it doesn’t matte much — but I control that the dogs don’t strangle Jackson with their caresses.After all,Hulk weighs 24 times more than a child,»says Marlon.,28 years old.He is sure that dog training and skillful management will keep children safe.

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