The photographer decided to take a nap under the tree and then a cheetah joined him.

The photographer decided to go to shoot in the wild.Dolph Volcker volunteeres for a South American organisation which protects wildlife endangered animals.
Among these animals are cheetahs,male lions,servals,caracals,wild cats,wolves,Siberian tigers.

Most recently Dolph lost his favourite dog,which died in his own hands.He was very sad so he decided to devote his life to fighting for animal rights…
He works as a volunteer on his own vacation and on his savings.Cheetahs are considered the most shy members of the cat family.A man needs to try hard to earn their trust.And Dolph succeeded,the cheetahs accepted him into their circle.

So one day,he decided to rest a little under the tree.And that’s when Cheetah Eden noticed the man and approached him.Opening his eyes,the young man was amazed.
That’s how a man’s strong friendship with a cheetah began.Now he spends most of his time in their company and he even has the nickname «Slivering Cheetahs».

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