The policeman gives an injured puppy his jacket to comfort and warm him up.

The sheriff’s department of one of the countries of New York received a call saying that the dog was under the car wheels.Officer Chris Howlett quickly arrived at the scene and found a wounded dog lying in a snowdrift.
He carefully took off his jacket and covered the frozen,wounded dog with it,trying his best to warm it,calm down and prevent it from falling into despair.
Then the officer sat down and tried to console the puppy,told her that she was not the only one waiting for help to arrive.
Soon the dog was sent to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment.To relieve her owners,the pet survived,having received only minor injuries.

After a short therapy,a puppy named Rogue was returned to the owner.The family contacted a police officer and reported details about the pet.The dog is still under the care of veterinarians.She feels good,and we hope to return home as soon as possible.
The family is very grateful to the policeman who saved their pet.
Sometimes we are very ambiguous to the officers,however this case,when a young officer treats an animal in trouble so tenderly and reverently,illustrates that they not only formally perform their duties,but also put their souls into it.

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