The puppy cried and begged for help as much as he could.He was left alone in the forest.

Musya once lived in a house with the owners she loved very much and who she thought loved her.However,some people treat pets like a toy,not a living creature,and they found nothing better than just getting rid of the poor animal and leaving her in the dump.
That’s how the poor thing lived year after yer in garbage,making her way and eating leftovers.However,the day came when the dog got tired of such a life and went to the adjoining forest,where she was noticed by tourists.

Musya happily rushed to meet them and waved her tail friendly.She didn’t get angry at all and was looking for communication with people.Tourists felt sorry for the baby and they took him with them to the city and handed him over to a shelter.Musya did not stay there long,as the elderly couple immediately took her to their home and Musya had already lived a new,happy life.

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