The puppy learned to smile for the sake of finding a human family and warmth

In the US state of Louisiana, a small puppy ended up in a dog shelter. They gave him the nickname Burro.

He was so scared and bitter in the shelter that he tried in every way to please the people who came to choose dogs for their families. After futile attempts to attract attention, the puppy thought of learning to smile.

The shelter staff were fascinated by the smile of Burro and decided that such a resourceful dog needed help. And that’s what they did. They just made a video where Burro is smiling at all his canine fangs.

The video was posted on the Internet and it began to gain views. A young couple, seeing a smiling puppy, decided at all costs to take such a good-natured animal into their home.

Now Burro is in the family, does not stop smiling and is content with his fabulous life.

Yes, some dogs find families, using their attraction, some make efforts to receive our attention. Good job, Burro.

We hope the story will remind you to love dogs without conditions because not every dog is like Burro. Some of them can’t express their feelings or the passion to find a family.

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