The puppy left without a paw but he was lucky to find caring owners.

It is almost impossible for street dogs to find caring owners,and if it is with disabilities,especially since few people risk taking home such pets.
But Katya decided to give such a pet a chance,despite disagreements with the rest of the family.But as a result,she was able to convince everyone and she began to look for a suitable dog,whom she would love immediately and would like to give a second chance for a new and happy life.

And she found one very quickly.A year ago,volunteers found an unfortunate man in an abandoned barn.The dog’s paw was badly injured and did not heal in any way,so that the infection did not spread,the veterinarians decided to amputate it.After that,the dog went to a temporary house and his temporary homes changed many times,as the poor fellow was unlucky with kind people and he often received from them,but remained just as sweet and kind.

Zoo defenders have already lost all hope of attaching it.And so Katya came across a recording about him,supplemented by a photo,and realized that he would be taken home and a puppy with such a difficult past would find his home and be surrounded by love and care.
She gave him the nickname Lukos and just doesn’t care about him.And we are grateful to such kind people as our heroine and hope that more people will act like her.

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