The puppy looked with a pleading look to pick him up from the shelter.

Two girls found a puppy on the street,but were afraid o take him home.The girls had a kind heart,they constantly tried to help abandoned animals and sometimes their parents scolded them for it.This times the girls decided to take the puppy to the shelter.

It was noticeable that the baby lives all alone on the street for the first day,without his mother he was very hungry and scared.
The veterinarian also noted that the extreme thinness of the puppy and suggested that he had to endure hunger and cold for a long time,to wage a real struggle for his life.
A few days in warmth and safety,as well as the possibility of having enough changed the baby..He quickly grew stronger and showed everyone his kind character.A funny and affectionate puppy fascinated all the employees of the shelter.The baby also tried to make friends with all the visitors who came to the shelter,waving their tail as a greeting.

After a while,girls ran in to visit the baby,who found him on the street.One of the puppy’s saviors told him that in a perfectly finished year at school,his parents promised to fulfill any of her wishes.On this day,she received her report card,which had only good grades and promised the baby to beg his parents to take him from the shelter as a gift for her efforts.
Telling her story,the girl gently scratched the baby behind her ear,and he played with her shoes.
In the evening of the same day,a girl ran into the shelter.She was just glowing with happiness,followed by her parents.As soon as they looked at the puppy,the adults threw away all their doubts and on the same day the baby had a new home.

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