The puppy never ceases to thank for the rescue:the new mistress could not hold back tears…

Animal do everything sincerely,they are not characterized by pretense and lies.If they are grateful to a person,then with all their heart.The dog that almost died does not get tired of thanking its mistress for the rescue.

One day in the summer heat,dogs were found in one of the houses of an abandoned house.
The poor things were chained,they were exhausted with thirst and tormented with hunger.The animals were doomed to certain death.It was incredibly hot outside,and there weren’t even a few sips of water in the dog bowls.

This picture was seen by a woman.After what she saw,she couldn’t sleep all night,and in the morning she went to save the unfortunate animals.She disconnected the chain,put the dogs in the car and brought them to her house.

The woman felt so sorry for the victims that she couldn’t hold back her tears,they just poured out of her eyes.Suddenly,one of the dogs grabbed the savior’s hand and pulled it to her.

The animal showed with all its appearance that it was very grateful for its salvation.

When the woman saw that the dog was comforting her,she felt even more.She was amazed that after human cruelty,this dog did not stop trusting people.An animal that needed support tried to support humans.Some people should think about it.

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