The puppy was thrown into the trash.

Aresney Krasikov shared with us the story of the appearance of each of his favorites!Now happy,well-fed and satisfied dogs live in his family,but once pets were in a deplorable state….

In 2016,Aresney learned about a puppy who was in trouble immediately after birth.The negligent owner,not wanting to attach the dog’s offspring,immediately put the newborn crumbs in a bag,tied it up,and then threw it in the trash without regret.Rick,together with his brothers and sisters,could only barely pee,and his little heart was pounding with fear and uncertainty…

Fortunately,a strange bag was noticed by a kind teacher who accidentally passed by.The hearty woman immediately realized that something was going wrong and came up to take a closer look at a strange moving rag.Intuition didn’t let her down — there were really puppies there.Thanks to the teacher.the kids were saved,and bab Rick went to live in Arseney’s family a week later.

Mars appeared in the family in the autumn of 2020.She lived on overexposure in not very good conditions,and after Arseney sheltered her,the pet was treated for a whole month.

The funny thing is that Rick and Mars are very similar to each other,but they are not relatives.
Arseney has no older dog,Dyka,and now the happy tailed trio pranks together,rests and hugs the owners.

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