The puppy was thrown near the forest,but he was saved,and now the baby is healthy and happy!

When Julia Polyakova finally persuaded the family to have a dog,she was sure that it only would be a thoroughbred dog!She read articles about pets all day long,communicating with breeders and chose an animal to her liking.

Around the same time.her friend suddenly decided to get a dog,and chose the most ordinary mongrel.Julia,having met the animal,was amazed ay how smart the purebred bab turned out to be.The girl always considered mongrels stupid pets capable only of stealing goodies.But then her view of things changed,but Julia decided to save some baby by taking him from the shelter.

The girl chose a puppy for a long time,but the adoption was spontaneous…

The baby sheltered by Julia got into the same story as tens of thousands of other pets around the world.He and his brothers and sisters were thrown into the forest belt.The kids could have died,but fortunately,they were found by caring people.The baby,who was chosen by Julia,had blood traces around his neck,and his eyes were covered with pus.There was a long-term treatment,but the puppy’s new family had no doubt that it would cope.

For the first few days,the baby slept in people’s feet,as if afraid that they would disappea.Julia was once again surprised by the ingenuity of the mongrel.
The puppy was nicknamed Chips,and now the whole family loves him.The dog is smart and very grateful,and the owners,of course,pamper him.

Thanks to Julia and her family for the decision to shelter the mongrel!

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