The puppy went to the hairdresser!

When Brittany Taylor went to her hairdresser in Charleston,South Carolina,she couldn’t help but tell the girl Michelle Atwood about her new puppy Luke.Since this cute baby appeared in her house,he has become a constant source of joy and smiles,Brittany shared with Michelle what a wonderful pet she has.

The girl told the hairdresser that Luke is the funniest,loudest and stupidest of all her dogs(there are only three pets in the family).When Brittany returns home after a long absence,the baby begins to scream like a pig and demands that he be hugged every five minutes.

The baby is very playful and loves to lick the face of all family members.


When the hairdresser found out about the puppy,she immediately realized that she really wanted to meet Luke,because the girl loves dogs.She insisted that Brittany take her pet with her next time.

When the mistress brought a puppy with her,and her hairdresser-friend and all the clients were very happy to see the baby.Luke completely got used to the hairdresser and happily met all the clients while Brittany was busy.


After cutting and styling,Brittany and Michelle decided to seat Luke in a chair,Since the pet looks perfect,of course,no one cut it,and the hairdresser only pretended to «enchant» over his hair,gently waving scissors.Everyone around looked at the puppy with a smile,and he enjoyed everyone’s attention.

After such a wonderful day,Michelle offered Brittany to visit with Luke at any time.

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