The puppy,left alone,lived on the street for a long time until luck smiled at him.

The dog had six puppies,but the owner didn’t need any of them.Among the kids there were three girls and three males.They were abandoned near residental buildings.

Fortunately,there were caring people who decided to save the puppies.Surprisingly,the girls and two boys went to new homes.There is only one dog left,which for some reason no one wanted to take away.
Elizaveta Pluzhnikova and several other caring residents volunteered to feed the animal.

In the village where the dog lived,the local children called him Chernyush.But Elizavets completely disagreed with this nicknamed.The girl wanted it to start with the syllable «Che»,because the dog is already used to the old nickname.As a result,she renamed Cherry.

It’s great that all abandoned puppies have found a home!And Cherry,who had to wait longer that the rest of the kids,ended up theluckiest.Every mongrel dreams of a mistress like Lisa deep down.

Thanks to caring people for helping the puppies!

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