The raccoon still often visits a woman who saved him three years ago.

All animals,no matter what kind they are,can be very grateful to people.So this raccoon was thrown on the road by very tiny animal rights activists.
The raccoon was transferred to many rescue centers,but there were no vacant seats for the animal of its size and appearance because it was very crowded in these rooms.

Nikki Robinson,a specialist in the rehabilitation of wild animals,said that all specialists said that raccoons should live in nature and they have no place in nature,it is better to take him to the vet and give the last injection.
When she heard these words,Nikki’s heart trembled.But she was ready to do everything possible to save the unfortunate raccoon.

Linda(Nikki’s mother) was a great choice for the raccoon,because the little animal had to be fed five times a day and taken care of it around the clock.Linda agreed to become Ruka’s adoptive mother,knowing that she would no have grandchildren from Nikki.

As a result,they became very good friends,but Linda was ready to let him out into nature.Then an unexpected thing happened:the raccoon was constantly coming back.
He came for a portion of caresses and hugs,to which he was so accustomed,he loved this house,there were his loved ones,food,warmth and safety!

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