The rescued Chihuahua became the oldest dog in the world.He turned 23 years old,which corresponds to the 104 years of a person.

Chihuahua named Bully lives in America and has become the oldest dog living today.He was born on April 5,1999 and has always been very active and cheerful.The owner said it was quite a big dog in a small body.

In 2020,the owner could no longer take care of him and agreed that the dog would undergo a procedure after which he could die most humanely.But this did not happen,the lucky one was taken by a couple who saves dogs in old age.They assure that Bully,on the one hand,has a rather stubborn and naughty character,and on the other hand,he is incredibly calm.

And the old dog became the main one among all the pets living with them.But age,of course,makes itself felt.Bully wants to sleep a lot and often falls asleep in the most unexpected places.Its owners do not hide that they did not plan to have another dog,but now they simply have no idea how they will live without this wonderful chihuahua.

If you transfer Bully’s age to human years,he is 104 years old and therefore on April 5 his owners organized a grand party in honor of his birthday,decorating the house with balloons and giving an interesting deliciousness for the holiday.
His pictures were published on a social media and Bully received congratulations from users from all over the world.

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